Bereavement Poems for the Loss of a Father

Bereavement poems for the loss of a father is a page dedicated to losing a dad.  A poem to send off dad is a fitting way to remember the legacy he left.  Though you search through and through for words to say to dad, nothing will ever take away the grief of knowing and loving a man who is instrumental in the person you are today.  For many us, dad is the role model we strived to either become or make proud.  We sought his encouragement, his strength and fortitude to meet challenges head on.  So, may the bereavement poems below provide some comfort to you or loved ones who may battle the seas of tears pounding the shores of the heart.


The light of your soul shines brightly today. The physical cannot hold you. You are ever present in the hearts and minds that know you. Sadness will not succumb to joy. We will celebrate you in this moment, hold the tears of your children and lift their fragile bodies high above the pain consuming them. We will speak your name and confidently parade your likeness. Today is a celebration of you as you ascend into subconsciousness, where there your spirit will thrive, and your soul will live in a dimension we all shall meet in one day. Let us remember you as a loving man, father, husband, uncle, and son. Copyright © Joshua Cintrón