Bereavement Poems for the Loss of a Mother

A page filled with bereavement poems for the loss of a mother.  Losing a mom or knowing someone who lost their mother, is heartache we all feel.  In youth, mom is our superhero, giving birth to us, raising us and fighting day in and day out to ensure we eat, stay clothed and are protected.  Nothing, I mean nothing can take the place of mom.  We often take for granted the love of our mothers until we ourselves become parents.  As you struggle to find words to give thanks to the woman who deserves more than you could ever give her, may the bereavement poems below, honor her name so that generations now and in the future, come to know how special she is and will always be.



My heart retreats to a somber place as the sun does rise. I hold close this day for the woman who gave birth to me was taken from me. I must live on but I don't want to. I am lost as blowing leaves searching for a place to land. I am weak, empty of a soul for my mom, my superhero, someone I treasured more than myself is mothering a place I shall one day see. I will carry on her message of love and keep the memory of her alive in my heart. Copyright © Joshua Cintrón