My friend,
My brother,
My cousin,
My son,
A great calling was placed
On the crown of your head,

Your birth and journey
Fulfilled, touched and moved
Hearts a plenty,

Your infectious laugh,
Your laid back demeanor,
Your joyous presence,
All given and welcomed
With open hearts,

You are not gone
No, you are not,
You are alive and well
In the silent force that moves us all,

You live in the memories
Adorned on the walls of hearts,
In the recesses of souls
You infectiously touched,

You feel pain no more,
You are one with your creator
Resting in their gentle hands,

May you continue touching our lives,
May you continue making us laugh,
May you now guide us,
As our guardian angel,
As you did in the flesh.

May you live life anew,
In the place we all
Will one day meet,

Rest in peace brother,
You will be greatly missed.

(C) Sayspire

This bereavement poem is dedicated to a friend who lost his battle in life. This man was a great friend and though he is no longer here physically, he remains in the memories of those who called him a friend. May this bereavement poem provide you with comfort in this time of great need.