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Motivational Story

Do You Believe Life is a Glass Half Full?

We stumble. We fall. We become discouraged and we stop. We lose the ability to believe.

If You’re an Employee Who’s Been Done Wrong Motivational Story

Are you an employee done wrong? Do you feel that your worth is measured by your supervisors and higher ups? If you feel this way, you’re not along.

Can You Ever Be the Change You Desire?

The day is new, yet the path is the same as it was yesterday, and shall it be tomorrow. Fast forward years, even decades and still, the path remains the same.

Do You Measure Time by Shadows Motivational Story

Time is fleeting, lost as soon as it is seen. Too many simply exist, lodged in the gravitational pull of existence and obligation.

The Day We Met Motivational Story

Meeting you, led a dejected… depressed¬†man… clamoring for love and attention, on a date with a scintillating, long legged mature woman, atop an elegant roof that mirrored she.

You Alone Have the Power Motivational Story

The strength to carry on, to do what you innately know how to do, comes from within. The words of others, good or bad, are nothing more than dry leaves withering away in a winter season.

The Limitless Possibilities of Thoughts Motivational Story

You and I are gifted creations with a mind that knows no end. It grows and dies with direct and indirect input.

Only the Strong Survive Motivational Story

Life is tough, it weeds out the weak, giving hell to the strong. You may be beaten, mauled or stripped of everything you know, but here you are, standing… breathing… living.

A Motivational Story about The Emptiness of Vanity

You may say quietly, under your breath, you are different, but are you? Many of us mistakenly measure success by the material others amass, by the structure others live in, by the vehicle others drive, by the tangible items where… Continue Reading →

A Short Motivational Story about Purpose

Nature is at work in the grandest stage as humans and ants share a commonality, where work is life…where devotion is given and the question of “why” is hardly asked.

When Depression is as Real as Your Hands

Life is riddled with defining moments that birth pain, replacing the biological person you are born to be. You, only you know the insurmountable pain clouding your judgment that robs the joy surrounding you.

NEVER Bow to the Establishment Motivational Story

Today, walk down the path paved by your dreams. Yes, you are obligated to work as a means of survival, but that is not your legacy. It cannot be if your heart and passion are absent.

The Motivational Story of the Missing Cup Handle

Each day, I grab a blue coffee cup that no longer has a handle¬†and walk over to the kitchen. Once there, I fill it with water and pour it into the coffee pot. Several minutes later, piping hot coffee fills… Continue Reading →

How To Counter Life’s It Is What It Is Mentality Motivational Story

They stumble one by one down the dimly lit parking lot, carrying backpacks, lunch pails, and purses on their slumped shoulders.

Motivational Writing: Can We Trust the Definition of Success by the Rich and Powerful?

Ever thought of becoming an actor, business owner or hit it big with a service or product available to customers around the world to consider yourself a success? Seems as though the media fuels society into believing success is only… Continue Reading →

Motivational Writing: Can We Define Love Using Logic and Reason?

Sometimes the way life as you see it is not how it will unfold. Sometimes a force greater than reality is at work, to which logic cannot define love.

Motivational Writing:The Meaning of Love, Finding it When You Least Expect It

From time to time, a person will appear in your life who will provide a meaning of love. It is up to you to remove scars of past relational failures to embrace the beauty of such person and the definition… Continue Reading →

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