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The only gift you’ll need that’s perfect for anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day Valentine’s Day and when you want to be romantic. 

Upon a Moonlight Kiss is a one-of-a-kind romantic gift book written to express those feelings of immense passion and love that are hard to explain.

What started out as a series of individual love poems written by a man and dedicated to his girlfriend, morphed into a two-way gift with unisex messages of love on one page and fill-in the blank pages titled “Dedication” on the next.


Two-way Gift You Say?

Yup. You pick up this gem of a gift for valentine day’s, an anniversary, as a birthday gift, to be romantic or as a means to reconnect with your partner. Your loved one receives this romantic gift and ascends high into clouds of ecstasy, while there, they pour out their love for you by writing their own message on the fill-in the blank pages titled “Dedication”.

Once they’ve filled with overwhelming joy, love and longing, and responded with their own love notes inside the book, they can share what they wrote by gifting it back to you for your next anniversary, birthday, valentine’s day or romantic occasion.

Upon a Moonlight Kiss, 101 Expressions of Love is the perfect gift for your husband, wife,  girlfriend or boyfriend. It is an interactive tool that can rekindle passion that is often lost over time. It is the most romantic gift you’ll ever give the one who holds your heart in their hands.

About the Author

Joshua Cintron a.k.a., “SAYSPIRE” is a prosperity writer, poet, college professor and published author. Josh is creator, writer and owner of the “Sayspire” name to include:  SayspireQuotes and Sayspire Media. He creates/shares inspirational and motivational quotes, poems and stories on social media. Some of his work is featured on sites such as Zacks, AZCentral and People of Everyday Life, as well as on his personal site, Joshua Cintron.

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